Holiday in Ueberlingen on Lake Constance

Ueberlingen on Lake Constance

Ueberlingen on Lake Constance resort town and Kneipp spa


Bodensee-Therme Uberlingen

Enjoy water in any form. Healing waters from the depths of the earth, soothing massage roads and revitalizing baths. Relaxation and wellness, cascade pool with underwater music, relaxation areas with saunas overlooking the lake sauna at the highest level in herbs and infusion, the Japanese section and the unique saunas outdoors. In the spa, the relaxation-seeking guest can compose your individual wellness program.


Wellness Uberlingen

You will find a holistically oriented service for your personal well-being. Under one roof you will find a wide range of services, which from sports to fitness, cosmetics through to physical therapy.


Golf club Überlingen – Hofgut Lugenhof

With a 18-hole golf course, the golf club is Überlinger in a charming holiday region of Lake.

Attractions in Ueberlingen

Cathedral of St. Nicholas

The Überlinger Münster to St. Nicholas consecrated, the patron saint of sailors, fishermen, merchants, pilgrims and travelers. With the construction of the largest Gothic church in the Lake Constance region in 1350 was started in the choir area; the completion of the impressive five-aisled basilica took place in 1576. builder of the City Council was. So the church is testimony to the piety and the prosperity of the imperial city of Lingen.

The historic town hall

The town hall, the most important secular building Überlingen, was built in three phases in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. It has one of the most beautiful late Gothic Rats halls southern Germany with carvings Jakob Russ (1492 to 1494).

Franciscan Church

The Baroque style Gothic church of the former Franciscan monastery has a magnificent high altar by Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer.

Franciscan gate

Built around 1494 Franziskanertor is one of the most beautiful late Gothic city gates in the Lake Constance region.

Municipal Museum

Well “The Bodensee tab”



The city garden

Aufkircher gate

St. Johann Tower

Rosenobel Tower


Salman Weiler Hof

Überlinger garden culture trail

Vacation at Lake Constance

Visit the sights and attractions on Lake Constance:

Monkey Mountain Salem

You’ll find 200 monkeys in a 20-hectare forest – and the middle of it.


High above the Lake Constance The Meersburg rises. Their distinctive view makes it a symbol of the region. End of the 19th century made public, it is one of the main attractions, and the visit to the museum is an unforgettable experience. More than 30 decorated rooms are shown! We see an old castle kitchen, the Knights ‘Hall, the great hall, the armory, the Knights’ Hall and Brunnenstube, dungeon, stable, North bastion and more.

Amusement Park Ravensburger Playland Lake Constance

In Ravensburger Playland, the amusement park between Ravensburg and Lake Constance, the whole family can enjoy unadulterated thrill of whitewater rafting Alpin proves muscle power when firefighters game and goes with Park mascot Captain Bluebeard adventure ride. Turbo Fast is in the Fix & Foxi rocket lightning. And in the circus and magic school Participate announced.

Haustierhof Reute mill – Ueberlingen

The Haustierhof Reutemühle – Germany’s richest farm – you’ll find north of Ueberlingen, located just 1.5 km away on the road to Heiligenberg.

Monastery and Salem Castle

Salem is one of the finest and most important cultural monuments in the Lake Constance region. Founded in 1134 as a Cistercian monastery the sprawling complex conveys a vivid picture of the wealth of the former abbey, which combines like no other gothic grandeur with baroque elegance. At the heyday of Salem in the Middle Ages the imposing Gothic cathedral recalls. In the Baroque period, the abbots were the interiors of the abbey with beautiful stucco and paintings equip and led the monastery to a second bloom.


The baroque Birnau rises highly visible on the north shore of Lake Überlingen between Ueberlingen / Nussdorf and Uhldingen-Mühlhofen.

Mainau Island

The famous flower island in Lake Constance – a wonderful destination connected to a boat trip on Lake Constance.

Schloss Sigmaringen

The palace of the Prince of Hohenzollern – “The first mention of the castle of Sigmaringen only took place in 1077 in the chronicle of the monastery Petershausen The oldest parts of the castle are among the major new construction and renovation of the 17th and 19th centuries concealed the.. secret of the earliest settlement, the appropriate to defend rock will be probably never quite evident. These extensive excavations would be necessary, which is not possible because of the extensive development. the Roman remains, judging by the found so numerous around Sigmaringen were, who named as “Roman tower” keep of the 12th century could be attributed to a Roman predecessors. ”

Game and Leisure Park Allenbach

Nestled in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes on Lake Constance, the Bodanrück, offers a wonderful nature experience for young and old. The Wildlife and Leisure Park Allensbach looking forward to your visit. Experience and feel the special charm of our 75-hectare park at the leisurely stroll through the beautiful natural protected parkland. About 300 wild animals in huge outdoor enclosures invite you to explore, wonder and monitoring. Secluded picnic areas, a large active playground, petting zoo and of course the falconry make our facility to the unique destination for nature and animal lovers.